Boğaziçi University


Learning Sciences

Doctorate Program

Remedial Program

Candidates who have not taken at least one course from each of the following categories during their undergraduate or graduate studies are required to complete at least one course from each category before being officially admitted to the PhD.

Category 1: Educational Psychology/Learning/Cognitive Psychology (e.g., ED 211, PRED 503, PSY 222, PSY 228)
Category 2: Curriculum Development and Instruction (e.g., ED 282, PRED 211, CET 282, SCED 544)
Category 3: Instructional Materials Development (e.g., CET 360, CET 542)
Category 4: Measurement and Assessment in Educational and Behavioral Sciences (e.g., ED 373, PRED 470, SCED 370, PSY 362)
Category 5: Quantitative Research in Social Sciences (e.g., PRED 460, PRED 501, CET 401, CET 561)