Boğaziçi University


Learning Sciences

Doctorate Program

Elective Courses

The following list provides a distribution of the elective courses in four major categories and other elective courses to be offered by the program. Students are required to take at least one course from each category and one more course as an area elective, depending on the area of their interest. Two free elective courses shall also be selected from the list as well as from among the courses offered by the program or other programs in the university, subject to approval of the advisor.

  • Methodology Courses
  • LS 611 Design-Based Research in Learning Sciences
  • LS 615 Qualitative Research Methods
  • LS 619 Applied Advanced Statistics
  • LS 623 Assessment of Technology Integration in Pedagogical Structures
  • LS 627 Advanced Assessment in Learning Sciences
  • LS 631 Learning Analytics
  • LS 635 Methods of Child Study
  • LS 639 Networks in Education
  • Learning and Cognition Courses
  • LS 641 Educational Technology and Cognitive Science
  • LS 645 Self-Regulation in Learning
  • LS 649 Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
  • LS 653 Theoretical Foundations of Learning with Technology
  • LS 657 Reading Acquisition and Processes
  • LS 661 Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia
  • LS 665 Informal Learning
  • LS 669 Argumentation and Learning Sciences
  • Design Courses
  • LS 612 Design of Interactive Learning Environments
  • LS 616 Design and Implementation of Learning Systems
  • LS 624 Design of Educational Games
  • LS 625 Design of Science Learning Environments
  • LS 628 Design of Learning Environments in Early Childhood Education
  • LS 632 Teacher Professional Development Research in Learning Sciences
  • Socio-cultural Context Courses
  • LS 652 Equity and Diversity in Educational Practice
  • LS 656 Instructional Policy
  • LS 658 Educational Policy
  • LS 662 Theoretical Foundations of Curriculum and Practice
  • LS 668 Science, Literacy, and Technology