Boğaziçi University


Learning Sciences

Doctorate Program

Aims of the Program

Recent interdisciplinary research on learning and instruction, and objective measurement and observation methods with advancements of technology have proposed new methods and perspectives for understanding the nature of learning as well as for increasing the quality of learning. It is important to academically reflect these developments into learning environments, and to conduct sustainable research and quality assurance systems in education. Within this context, one of the steps is to develop academic human resources being able to investigate and advance state-of-the-art learning and teaching environments.

Transformations in studies of learning and education necessitate learning research to be conducted with perspectives and methods of different disciplines (such as educational technology, cognitive science, pedagogy, neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, linguistics). It is, therefore, necessary to form new doctorate programs involving relevant interdisciplinary concepts and processes. Learning Sciences is one of the new PhD programs within that orientation. The aim of Learning Sciences PhD program is to educate researchers being able to conduct both interdisciplinary theoretical and applied in-depth analysis of learning and instruction.

Learning Sciences PhD program focuses on different sets of curriculum, and conducts interdisciplinary research for each dimensions and stakeholders of learning and instruction. The program stands on the following four pillars.

  • Learning and Cognition
  • Methodology
  • Design
  • Socio-Cultural Issues

The program provides an academic setting for individuals interested in conducting research on a wide variety of educational fields such as the place of learning environments in a society, psychology of learning and teaching, design of learning environments, software development for learning and its surrounding settings, big data analysis for learning, formal and informal learning environments.

The program targets candidates with a master degree (with thesis) in different fields.